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Basic Rules of the Beach

-Learn to swim and never swim alone.
-Only swim when lifeguards are on duty.
-Always go to the beach with an adult - and swim in front of the lifeguard between the green flags designated as the swimming area.
-If you are in trouble, call out for help & wave  your arms above your head. Do not panic. 
-Do not hesitate to call a lifeguard for help in any medical situation on the sand or in the water.
-Stay off the rock jetties and never swim near them.
-Check water conditions with lifeguards for undercurrents or sandbars. Both can be dangerous.     
-Report dangerous situations to the lifeguard.
-Check the depth of underwater surface by  jumping or walking, not diving head first!     
-Don’t attempt to make any rescue yourself. Get a lifeguard; they are trained to do the job. Do not interfere with lifeguards making a rescue.
-When you hear the whistle, look at the lifeguard chair.  They may want your attention.
-Beaches close at 6pm. Swimming prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty!

For Your Safety, Please Remember:

-No alcoholic beverages on the beach or boardwalk.
-No bonfires or barbecues on the beach or on the boardwalk.
-Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
-No dogs are permitted on the beach or boardwalk.
-No glass on the beach.

Body Board Rules and Regulations

-All Body Boards must have a leash cord attached. Leash cord must be used by the rider.
-All children must be watched by a parent or guardian.
-Flotation devices such as inflatable tubes and water wings are strictly prohibited.
-Body board use:  It is at the discretion of the beach patrol to restrict body boards (distance from shore, number permitted and rough water or other conditions.)
-Please listen to lifeguards instructions.

Pool Safety

- Completely fence in your pool on all four sides & keep it locked  when unsupervised. Use self-closing self-latching gates as part of fencing.
- Never leave a child unsupervised near a pool.
- Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision.
- Never use a pool with its pool cover partially in place. Remove cover completely.
- Remove step to above ground pools when not in use.
- Have a telephone at pool side.
- Learn CPR and keep rescue equipment by pool.