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The Long Beach Police Department has been made aware of a fraudulent check scam circulating throughout Nassau County.

If you receive a check in the mail from an unsolicited party with instructions to buy assorted gift cards, this is a scam. These scams often provide an email address to appear to be authentic.

Legitimate businesses will never send you an unsolicited "customer service evaluation assignment" accompanied by a check. If you receive one of these scams, contact your local police department. These scams cost honest citizens thousands of unrecoverable dollars.

Don't become a victim. Double-check, before you double-click.

If you believe you may have been a victim of any of these scams, please call 911 immediately.

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the individual(s) responsible are asked to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS (8477). All calls remain anonymous.