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     With hurricane season in full swing we want to assure residents that Long Beach is prepared for any storm that may come our way. Now we encourage our residents to do the same. 

     We urge all residents to get a "go-kit" ready and make a plan with your family so you are prepared for any emergency. The best time to prepare for a storm is when nothing is in the forecast.

     To help you and your family prepare, we have created a handy hurricane checklist, helping you remember what to include in your "go-kit"—so everyone is covered, even your pets!   I encourage everyone to print the below hurricane preparedness checklist and use it as a guide.  It also includes crucial emergency phone numbers which may be necessary to have on hand during a weather event.  Click the image below to download your printable checklist. 


•   Create a "go-kit" with food and water, batteries, candles and other basic supplies for each family member to last at least three days. Remember to include essential medications, copies of important documents and special items for children and pets.
•   If you are in a flood zone know your evacuation route and create a plan with your family. Plan what to do in case you are separated from your family.
•   Keep a list of emergency phone numbers and phone numbers of your loved ones
•   Make sure all leaks and repairs are secure on your home prior to a storm
•   If a storm is predicted, remove any loose items from your yard

     In the case of a storm or any emergency we urge you to keep updated by checking www.nassaucountyny.gov and tuning into the local media. For more hurricane tips and resources, visit www.nassaucountyny.gov/hurricanepreparedness. While we hope it’s unnecessary, being prepared for a storm helps ensure that you and your family and our entire community will be safe and secure in an emergency.