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Why did the City of Long Beach create the NET Program?
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, internet access and telephone service were lost throughout the City, leaving emergency services unable to contact households with vital information regarding food, water, and shelter.  While first responders acted heroically and the City did its best to disseminate information through alternative means, the City is always looking to improve its response plan in the case of future emergencies.  The NET Program is designed to improve the efficiency of the dissemination of information in an emergency situation.

What is the NET Program?
The NET Program aims to prepare our community with the information needed to be prepared and safe when disaster strikes.  Consisting of Long Beach residents, the NET Program will allow volunteers to assist within their own neighborhoods prior to and following a disaster by ensuring that every household receives important emergency information.

Who participates in the NET Program?
A NET volunteer can be anyone who is active and involved in the community—or wants to be.  The NET Program will connect volunteers with a network of fellow volunteers all working together for a common cause: making sure that every household has the information they need to be prepared in the case of an emergency.  The program will create partnerships with existing community groups that have demonstrated long-standing commitment to Long Beach and its residents.

How do I become a NET member?
If you are interested in becoming a NET member or have any questions about the NET Program, you can contact the NET Program at netprogram@longbeachny.gov.

What do I have to do?
The primary responsibility of a NET member is to aid the City of Long Beach in ensuring that every household is aware of important information prior to and following an emergency situation.  The duties of each position are as follows: Area Coordinator: Distributes information given by the City of Long Beach to the Neighborhood Coordinators of their designated Area.Neighborhood Coordinator: Distributes information given by Area Coordinator to the Block Coordinators of their designated NeighborhoodBlock Coordinator: Distributes information given by Neighborhood Coordinator to households on designated Block.Assistant Block Coordinator: Aids Block Coordinator and performs responsibilities of Block Coordinator in case of absence.

Why should I do it?
Becoming a NET member is a unique opportunity to serve your community and do your part to make sure that Long Beach is ready if and when the next natural disaster occurs.  You will also be encouraged to develop emergency and leadership skills that will be useful in all aspects of your life.