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   We are pleased to announce the return of Operation Commendable Kids for the 2015 Summer Season. During the 2014 Summer Season, the Long Beach Police Department hosted its first Operation Commendable Kids program.  This program is a youth campaign, which encourages our children to participate in good behavior and bicycle safety. Last year, this program was a great success as there were approximately 700 tickets issued, resulting in many smiling children.

   "This is a terrific way to encourage positive behavior and offer children an opportunity to interact with police officers," said City Councilman Anthony Eramo. "At the same time, it provides a nice promotion for local businesses – everybody wins."

   As part of Operation Commendable Kids our Police Officers and Special Officers will be rewarding children who exhibit good behavior and bicycle safety with good behavior tickets. These tickets will entitle children one free treat from our exceptional local businesses. It is with great pleasure to announce that most of the business participants last year have signed on again, and in addition we are welcoming 11 more businesses to the program.

   This year's Operation Commendable Kids 2015 participants will include: Baskin Robins, Beachside Services, Caffe Spiaggia, C & C Deli, Dough Hut, East End Pizza, Gino's,Jay Byrd Ice Cream Co., Lido Kosher Deli, Marvel, McDonald's, Overlook @ The Beach, Point Lookout Deli Express, Ralph's Italian Ices, Tutti Frutti, and West End Pizza.

   Last summer, Operation Commendable Kids proved to be a huge success for everyone involved. This summer we hope to encourage more children to exhibit good behavior on and off their bicycles and spread the commendable kids attitude. Our department is proud to be in partnership with our local businesses and assist in creating tighter bonds within our wonderful community.