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       The City of Long Beach Police Department is working with Nassau County to bring in the ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection and Location system. ShotSpotter uses sophisticated technology to detect gunfire in specified geographic locations.

       Using mounted detectors and cameras, when gunfire occurs, the system records the number of shots fired, whether the shooter was stationary or moving, and essential audio playback of the gunshot event. Additionally, the system's video cameras pan to the area where shots were fired to record a license plate, a car, a face, or anything else that can help catch the suspect.     

      "Several months ago, we identified ShotSpotter as a resource that we desperately need, and we requested financial assistance from Nassau County," commented Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney. "We are now working with Legislator Ford to accomplish the goal of bringing this incredibly valuable system to Long Beach, enabling our department to provide even greater protection for our residents."

      "There have been many shootings recently in Long Beach's North Park area, and I've seen the success that the Nassau County Police Department has had using ShotSpotter to identify the exact location of gunfire and the perpetrator using the gun," said Legislator Ford. "The ShotSpotter System helps our officers respond faster and gives them a specific area to search for potential evidence, question witnesses, and in the event a victim is found, ensure that medical attention is timely. Most importantly, this system improves both the safety of the community at large and of our responding officers. I am thrilled to be a part of bringing this program to our neighborhood."

      "We're extremely happy that Legislator Ford has recognized the need for this and is working with Nassau County to bring these necessary resources to our City," remarked City Council Vice President Fran Adelson. "We look forward to having this important system in Long Beach as soon as possible."