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Message to Residents,

           As the Fourth of July approaches I would like to caution everyone to act responsibly, do not drink and drive, keep away from fireworks and swim near a lifeguard. This is the annual summer mantra of the Long Beach Police Department.

           The LBPD had been very active to keep our community safe and ensure the high quality of life our residents and visitors have come to enjoy. The end of each June comes with young people flocking to our beautiful beach to enjoy our cooler night air but unfortunately some of these visitors are not respectful of our quality of life. We have increased patrols on the beach and boardwalk for the last two weeks and issued numerous summonses for quality of life violations and parking rules, along with making numerous arrests.

           In addition, the first boardwalk camera has become operational, fulfilling the first step of the long planned initiative to install cameras on the boardwalk. This project has been in the works since 2012, with additional units coming online within the next few weeks.

          "These actions ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at the boardwalk, while providing additional security and peace of mind," said City Councilman Scott J. Mandel. "Please enjoy this holiday weekend, and remember if you 'See Something, Say Something — Hear Something, Say Something."

          "We would like to remind everyone that consumer fireworks are dangerous and illegal," said City Councilwoman Chumi Diamond. "To see a safe and proper fireworks show, we invite all to come down and enjoy the 2017 Fireworks Extravaganza on Friday, July 7th."