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     In addition to regular Firearms training, Long Beach Police Department Officers regularly attend Department of Criminal Justice certified training classes at their training academy in Oriskany, NY. The Department has also trained Officers in Active Shooter response and has further training sessions already planned.

      In December 2011, the Federal CDC found that drug overdoses kill more Americans than car accidents, and now nearly half of all drug overdoses are from abuse of prescription painkillers. Naloxone is an opioid overdose prevention reversal agent that is marketed under the Trade name, NARCAN, which used as an antidote, may be administered in two forms: by injection in the upper arm or thigh, or by nasal spray. To date, all Long Beach Police Department Officers attended training and are able to administer NARCAN.

       All Long Beach Police Officers receive ongoing computer based training classes on many various topics including department procedures and policies, officer safety and tactics, computer and electronics equipment, terrorism and special interest groups, legal updates, hazardous materials detection and response, and investigative methods.