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     The City of Long Beach, a community of more than 35,000 residents, has been served since 1911 by the Long Beach Police Department.  Commissioner Michael Tangney leads the contingent of Police Officer's, both men and women, who make up the sworn Department. In addition to the Uniformed Patrol Force, the Department has the following specialized units: Detective Division, Narcotics Task Force, Traffic Division and Motorcycle Unit and Identification Division.  There is an active cadre of dedicated civilian employees who provide support and special services such as Clerical Staff,  Parking Enforcement and School Crossings. During the busiest months Special Officers are recruited from Criminal Justice Programs at local colleges to assist with crowd control and enforcement at the Ocean Beach Park and other areas.  The Department actively employs Bicycle Patrols on the Boardwalk and in the West End and Four Wheel Drive vehicle patrol on the beach.

     The Long Beach Police Department adopted the proactive philosophy of Community Policing in that it seeks to develop working partnerships between Community Leaders, Citizens and Patrol Officers. The Department also adheres to Intelligence Led Policing which targets the ten percent of the population that is prone to criminal activity. We recognized that in order to successfully serve and protect our City that it must earn and foster the continuing trust and respect of all whom we serve.  The men and women of the Long Beach Police Department are committed to providing  the highest level of professional service to all residents and visitors to our beautiful City by the Sea.